Adidas and the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) have unveiled the new home kits for the Red Devils (men’s national team), the Red Flames (women’s national team) and the youth teams at all levels of the association.

As a recent presentation to support the development of women’s football, Adidas has launched a tailored black home jersey for the Red Flames. Now, in a joint launch by the Belgian Red Devils and Red Flames, a uniform home jersey has been created for each of the Belgian national teams at the highest level they can reach

As one would expect, the uniform home jersey features red as the primary color with black and yellow details to fully represent the national colors of Belgium. Both sleeves of the jersey are adorned with a vibrant flame pattern, a straightforward representation of the elements associated with the devil and fire. It also gives a hint to the opponents that they better be mentally prepared if they meet the Belgian team.For the first time, Adidas is offering two versions of the jersey for the Red Devils and Red Flames: the player version of the home jersey is built with sustainability in mind, using recycled fabrics. RDY technology, which promotes perspiration and air circulation to create a dry and comfortable feeling and help players stay cool on the field. The fan version of the home jersey is equipped with AEROREADY technology, which absorbs sweat and creates a dry feeling to accompany fans on the field.

The jersey is primarily paired with black shorts adorned with red and yellow details; and red alternative shorts adorned with black and yellow details. Echoing the jersey, the socks also feature flames as a prominent design element. Finally, the jersey features a yellow print number font.

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